Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Privilege of Blueberries

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and blueberries make it just wonderful!  Nearly every morning, I enjoy eating blueberries.  Sometimes I add them to oatmeal or cereal.  Sometimes I eat a bowl of them with an egg on the side.  Blueberries are just one of those things that please my palate.  And I have the luxury of eating them almost every single day.

While making out my grocery list this evening, I added blueberries as normal.  I paused for a moment to think about how I came to like blueberries so much.  I did not come to any conclusion.  However, my meandering mind brought me back to my childhood.  I really don't ever recall eating fresh blueberries as a child.  There were times where we got to eat blueberry muffins because there were boxes of blueberry muffin mix that came from the local food pantry.  That was always such a treat.  Inside these boxed muffin mixes were either dried blueberry-like bits or cans of really, really small blueberries.  It amazes me how big and luscious blueberries can actually be!

Tomorrow I will go to the grocery store and return with the items on my list.  They will go into my refrigerator and pantry.  Each time I put away groceries, I take a deep breath and surmise that I probably have more groceries in my home than my mother did those many years ago.  As one of six children, I can recall playing inside the empty cabinets.  Those were fond memories that bring about mixed emotions.  My heart is heavy for my mother for enduring those years of such poverty.  I make sure to not get stuck there in my heart and mind.  Our lives are much different today.  We all are very appreciative and are happily paying it forward.

So often in life our blessings grow.  I love when I find an opportunity to measure this growth.  Today I measure my blessings by the size of blueberries.  Now I will need to double check to ensure that my giving has grown along with the blueberries.  Once again I ask, "How am I stewarding my resources?"

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